Spark presets .. more detail

  • My understanding of the Spark presets is (without even using the amazing Spark app possibilities):

    • there are 4 hardware presets on the amp that can be changed to whatever one likes with the current sound setup one has (long press preset button)
    • if any settings on amp are changed (either locally or thru the app models), the preset light flashes indicating a changed sound
    • if one changes the amp setting knob at left to any of the 7 amp setup sounds, the sound changes to that sound
    • hitting one of the 4 presets again changes the sound to the hardware preset, irrespective of which of 7 sound styles was selected
    • if the amp is powered off, and back on, the current amp sound is whatever sound was last used on the amp (either set locally on amp or by the app) .. so a hardware preset may or may not be flashing on power up
    • as you change settings locally on the amp, you can view those changes happen in the app view of the amp setup including settings on the various effect pedals. So Bluetooth 2 way communication ... cool

    So as I see it, there are 11 switchable sounds (before making any tone mods on the amp itself) when amp is switched on:

    • the 4 hardware presets that can always be changed
    • the 7 "starter" amp sound configuration (acoustic, bass, clean etc) at left knob that are fixed starting points as a springboard for tweeking your sound based on style.
    • you can see the details of what those 7 fixed starter settings are in the app view.

  • @mig I just opened up my new Spark amp and it seems to me that you can save a new preset to on of the 4 preset positions. But the system also has many more storage channel bans in software arranged by genre(pop, rock, blies, bass, etc.) that you can download additional presets from Tone Cloud, or create your own. I seem to recall that thereare 64 storage banks in the software that you could rotate into the 4 hardware preset channels.
    Please correct me if I am mistaken on the storage capacity. Yesterday I did download about 8 new tones from Tone Cloud.

  • @nacrman yes that's right. You can save any of these sounds from the banks into those 4 hardware presets. I was referring to the standalone capability of the amp without using the sounds available through the app (or users sounds on SoundCloud)