Spark at Low Volume Question

  • I am considering getting a Spark as a practice amp, but one of my requirements is the ability to play at ultra low volumes levels - I don't want to wake others in the house at night. I've tried using headphones but they bother my ears. The master volume controls on my other amps get really sensitive at low volumes - the slightest touch makes it way too loud.

    Is the Spark able to operate at low volumes with good control of the master volume?

    Thanks in advance.

  • If you're careful with the volume control on the chosen amp model, and the spark's output pot, low volumes can be achieved. Also, you'll need to stick to your own saved presets which you'll have set the volume levels to suit your environment. If you jump to a tone cloud tone it'll likely blast the walls down.

    I mainly use the Spark late at night, noodling while watching TV. The old ball 'n' chain never hears a thing..

  • this is a perfect low volume amp,
    you won't be dissapointed there.
    maybe just the cheap app gimmicks, but def not the amp volumes

  • @jjgyenese I live in an apt building with fairly thin walls/floors, and while it does get loud for my env fairly quickly if using a heavy gain tone, it is still capable of producing a good tone at a low-enough volume. With lower gain and clean tones, it is of course easier. It's transistor, so the tone isn't going to change much with volume, making for good consistency. I still use headphones 90% of the time, though, since I prefer not having to worry whether it is low enough for the neighbors, especially since I mostly play at night.

    I do find the "Music Volume" knob sensitive, but it depends on the source -- although this is also largely because the knob is tiny and more difficult to articulate than the other knobs, which is why I've since installed a new knob for that.

    Note that the "Master" knob controls the virtual amp sim's level; the "Output" knob controls the physical amp level, and is really the main guitar signal's volume; the "Music Volume" knob controls the USB/Bluetooth signal's level, and is independent of "Output".

  • You might need to make some minor adjustment when you drop the output very low. But it does a really good job at low volume. The headphone jack also works extremely well, if you are into that as well.

  • Yes, this amp is great for low volumes while still maintaining good tonal qualities. Also, set the amp at a low volume, but don't forget to use the volume on your guitar to fine tweak the volumes- this should be quicker/easier and better to fine tune the volume.

  • The Spark excels at low volume playing. Some complain of excessive bass but I find the warm tones serves the amp well when played at bedroom levels.

  • I just got mine yesterday. Still new at it but I just dialed in a super fuzzy distorted lead that sounds amazing even when I have the volume low enough so the acoustic sound of the Tele is louder than the amp. The sustain sings even down low.

    between the virtual amp's gain and master volume, the spark amp's output and the various controls on the effects you'll be in total control of the volume.

    I have little experience with pedals, but having things right at my fingertips makes learning this pretty easy. I've already dialed in a clean and fuzzy tone that I'm very happy with. I doubt I'll tweak them much from here and I just started working on my presets an hour ago.

    I bought mine specifically so I could get some high gain sounds without being loud. For me this seems a great solution.

    The amp's size also helps with keeping the noise down. My tube amp is behind me. The spark is on my desk aimed right at me.

    Being much closer and at my level I don't need to turn it up as much as the tube amp for the same effect.


  • @mbthinline try headphones..i got a pair with spark and pretty happy withit

  • @jim-4 said in Spark at Low Volume Question:

    @mbthinline try headphones..i got a pair with spark and pretty happy withit

    Thanks for the advice, Jim. I might try that if I have guests over or something like that but the current volume is low enough to not bother my wife with my poor playing skills lol.

  • Thank you all for your helpful answers. I just received my Spark and could not be happier.