BIAS AMP 2 on Mobile

  • Hi All!

    I've appreciated so much all the new features of Bias Amp 2 on my Mac. Having a portable workflow heavily based on the Ipad, i wonder if there is any plan to release all / some of the new features of Bias Amp 2 even for IOS platform...

    It would be great.. also hope that Bias FX will get some new features soon.. it is awesome the quality of these mobile versions.

    PS: i really would pay for a "pack" that gives the ability to directly load IRs into Bias Amp also on mobile version... really would love this feature.


    any news / feedback is very much appreciated.

  • @lorenzo-fedi Well, i was wondering the same... I asked this question several times on bias amp 2 YouTube and Facebook videos but got No news from P. G. So maybe they're preparing a big surprise for IOS users.... or maybe not... 😖

  • probably not for a while. bias amp was out for a minute before being released on mobile right?

    probably wont even be iphone option. IPAD Only losers. fuck PG

  • Hi Brian, Hi Luigi,

    Well i don’t see the point in positive grid dropping IOS world. They gained a strong reputation as the most professional guitar modeler also in IOS scene. Moreover, there is still some separation between Desktop capabilities and Mobile, let’s say IR loader Module first.

    I Guess with minimal effort they could update BIAS AMP to version 2 and ensure, also, to keep ToneCloud world compatible with IOS platform... well, guys let’s hope for the best... i have more fear on BIAS FX not getting renewed soon.. and new packs are not coming since a long time...

  • @lorenzo-fedi Well,here are some good news. I got an answer from PG:

    Hi Luigi,

    Thanks for writing to Positive Grid Support.

    Sure, we are now working on the iOS version of BIAS Amp 2 and it will be released very soon, please stay tuned!

    Don't hesitate to get back for any further comments and we at Positive Grid are always here to help.

    Have a nice day,
    Kind Regards,

    Positive Grid Support

  • @luigi-seychelles I figured this was in the works but it is nice to get an official confirmation!

  • @luigi-seychelles unless they are bringing bias fx to iphone it doesnt matter.

    crippling the iphone by forcing it to use jamup instead of the superior Bias FX made me just make the full switch to PC. and making that switch really made me realize there are much grander and better quality solutions than positive grid.

  • @brian-dress The FX UI would never work on a phone sized screen. I have run it on my mini on numerous occasions and it feels pretty cramped even on that.

  • A2


    Can't wait!
    I hope for a soon Bias Fx update soon as well

  • @elric well tonestack does it quite well. there ought to be a way to even use the JAMUP gui with the bias fx algorithms.

  • @brian-dress Do you mean Bias FX is not available on iPhone ? I have an ipad Pro and bias fx runs just as smooth as on the Mac. So Bias amp 2 would be a nice improvement in my opinion ! But if you can only use jamup on the iPhone, yes that is pointless...

  • @luigi-seychelles yeah I already have a pc and iPhone 7 so I won't be adding an iPad to the mix. If anything it would be a really high spec windows tablet. Linda getting over positive grid to be honest. There's many more things out there that sound better in my estimation