BIAS AMP 2 on Mobile

  • Hi All!

    I've appreciated so much all the new features of Bias Amp 2 on my Mac. Having a portable workflow heavily based on the Ipad, i wonder if there is any plan to release all / some of the new features of Bias Amp 2 even for IOS platform...

    It would be great.. also hope that Bias FX will get some new features soon.. it is awesome the quality of these mobile versions.

    PS: i really would pay for a "pack" that gives the ability to directly load IRs into Bias Amp also on mobile version... really would love this feature.


    any news / feedback is very much appreciated.

  • @lorenzo-fedi Well, i was wondering the same... I asked this question several times on bias amp 2 YouTube and Facebook videos but got No news from P. G. So maybe they're preparing a big surprise for IOS users.... or maybe not... 😖

  • probably not for a while. bias amp was out for a minute before being released on mobile right?

    probably wont even be iphone option. IPAD Only losers. fuck PG

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