So What’s On Your Spark

  • I’m curious what do some of you have loaded in your onboard presets.Mine are:

    1. Silver 120 (Roland Jazz Chorus) clean
    2. Black Duo (Fender Twin) clean
    3. JM45 (Marshal JTM45) overdrive
    4. SLO100 (Soldano SLO-100) distortion

  • Fender Black - Clean
    Vox AC 30 - Crunch (use this the most)
    Mesa JP-2C - High Gain
    EVH - Metal

  • Ch1: DB Clean - Basically, a tweaked version of the original tone in this position.
    Ch2: Santana (by Jurgen Conrad), no need to explain :-D
    Ch3: Clean Tube Drive - again based on the original ch1 tone, changed a number of things. Warm clean tone w/light delay, with the possibility to add the pedals, particularly a tube overdrive, for solo.
    Ch4: Clean Muff - same as above, no delay but it's there to put it on if you want it, different settings, BIgMuff instead of Tube Overdrive. This one I uploaded on the ToneCloud.