VOTE: What should I do with this amp?

  • The Amp stops producing sound after a few minutes of use. The tuner works, lights are on, etc, but no sound. This has been an issue with the amp since day one. I am curious if others have had this problem / if there is a fix. I tried reaching out to support and went back and forth at least a dozen times. Unable to get some resolution I tried to contact the companies leadership through LinkedIn to get a refund / exchange. No luck. I tried updating the firmware this morning, but it's still broken.

    At this point I've lost hope that I will be able to fix, exchange or get a refund for the amp... So instead of it being a total loss I figured I'd reach out to solicit ideas of what to do with the amp. Would love your ideas. I'll film and post the most popular idea to youtube!

  • If it were me I'd let support know I'm going to contact the BBB, give them a few days to respond and the go for it if I wasn't satisfied with their response. But I take it from your post that you are looking for something a lot more flashy. You could fill it full of Tannerite if you have the means to set it off and a safe place to do so.