How can I use the Spark app without an internet connection (offline)?

  • How can I use the Spark app without an internet connection (offline)?

    Without internet the app crashes on all my devices (A3, S10, Galaxy Tab 10.1).
    The app only connects to the Spark Amp with an internet connection.
    That is not well resolved
    In our rehearsal room (bunker) we have no internet connection and therefore the app cannot be used there.
    I don't need Smart Jam there. Just the amps, effects, etc.

    Does anyone have a solution or does Postive Grid know about it?

  • I turned off internet on my android phone and it doesn't connect to the spark. It would be nice to use without internet but would probably have limited use. I believe anytime you load a patch that is not one of the 4 presets, it pulls it down from your account via the internet. If that's true you would be limited to the 4 presets which you can call up from the buttons anyway.

  • I have saved 4 presets that I really enjoy. I use them 90% of the time. I rarely have the app open. I rarely even touch the amp, other than switching between my four favorite tones.

  • @dukie Are you sure you didn't somehow turn bluetooth off? I just tested it on my iPhone, turning the wi-fi and cellular off so I had no internet connection, but leaving bluetooth on, and I had no problem connecting to my Spark amp and changing amps and effects pedals. When I started the Spark amp it even popped up a message "unable to connect to server." But I could still use the app to change the amp.

  • Have you guys tried clicking 'skip' in the top right corner when you're on the connect page. On my android tablet (fire hd) if I click connect without wifi the app crashes but clicking skip and it loads up and works fine.

  • With the new version of the app, offline using to create the sounds is possible and no crahes.
    Good job, PG!!

  • @carl-galilee Hi. Just started with Spark 40 , so far I like it. It works great on my Samsung 10 .
    I also have a Fire HD 10(7th Gen) which I've successfully converted it to run general Android Chrome, Google, PlayStore, etc.. However, Positive Grid APP sees my device and says Spark APP may not work properly on this device , and it won't allow download.
    How were you able to install the Spark APP on your Fire HD?
    thanks. Rick

  • @rickl Hi. I'm using a 9th Gen which is based on pie 9.0 so it just allowed me to install from the store with no issues.

    I think the 7th gen was based on android 5.1 though there may have been an update to 7.1. If it did get an update then it should meet the min requirements to install. Not sure if that update was automatic.

    I used instructions from here:

    However if you look at the table for google play services on 7th gen it's showing as Android 5 so I'm not sure if there's a later version available for your device.