Recording Phone Tracks

  • I am somewhat of a newby at recording, but I have a large number of backing tracks on my Android Phone which I use when I play guitar. I was hoping to record on Audacity using both the backing track and guitar with the Spark Amp, unfortunately only the guitar sound records. I have no issues pairing my phone with Spark and hearing both guitar and backing on the Amp, it is only when I connect the USB cable that I have an issue. Anyone have a fix or is this even possible?

  • @lbar1938 If you want to record the entire output from the Spark (guitar sound plus any backing track) you need to use a cable from the headphone output jack on the Spark into an audio interface on your computer. You need to get a cable with 1/8" stereo plug on one end and two 1/4" mono plugs on the other end to go into the audio interface. Or you can mic the output from the Spark but that always runs into the potential for picking up other sounds.

    OR, you can simply import the mp3 file of the backing track into two tracks in Audacity and then record the guitar as a third track, listening to the combined sounds as you play through your computer's speakers. However you might find that Audacity has some latency issues unless you take the time to work that out (there are ways to adjust that correctly that you can find on the internet).

  • @dhbailey
    Thanks for the reply and as you indicated I have tried your second suggestion and although I can import my backing track into audacity no problem and try to record over it I am unable to hear the recording in progress as my PC input/output sound is set to the Spark 40 and I only hear the latter. Obviously I am doing something wrong?

  • @lbar1938 Change your DAW's output device to be your computer's speakers. Then you should be able to hear what's happening as you play.