anyone on windows tablet?

  • Oh actions is just a reaper thing. Stuff you can assign to anything? It sucks being away from my computer all day and having to think about it lol

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    Yeah, the actions window lets you assign, combine, open scripts edit scripts, all sorts of things. The actions for SWS Save/Restore mute/solo state for all tracks is in there

  • got it got it. but youre doing something using a fader plugin for switching?

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    Yeah, we're really just running thru all sorts of experiments. Basically, the last RPP I sent, has an action unmute the track, then a jsfx fade in open selecting a CC, and then fade out the JSFX and actually mute the track upon selecting any other CC. It has the effect of switching, but you really arent switching anything, just saying which tracks are muted and unmuted. A lot of this may go out the window as CPU power increases

    We're really experimenting with many different ways of skinning the cat. SWS Live configs, if used as intended, actually switches by muting the individual track receives, and optionally muting and unmuting tracks as well.

    For our kids playing live shows thru the computer, switching from clean to dirty is actually just handled by tracks having exclusive mutes inside track groups, so a command from my phone flips them back and forth. So many ways to acheive these things

  • @pipelineaudio really weir but i can monitor my switch in midi tools and see tht im sending cc0 values but its not being accepted in live configs. how does reaper not see my midi? its enabled in preferences

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    Are you using the MIDI to ReaContol path plugin with it? It may not see it otherwise depending on how you have things set.

  • @pipelineaudio no im not. i guess i need to do that now? i configured it to send CC0 values. argh wtf does it want?!

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    You hit learn on SWS and it wouldn't accept the pedal you sent it?

  • it didnt do anything.

    but i could go to the VST and click Param and learn something. And it will map it to CC 0 and i can only map one thing becase im sending everythign in CC0 lmao

  • hey hey finally got it working to switch live configs. now to see if i can actually get that shit to work.

    going to need to do some fancy shit even just to turn a tube screamer on and off

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    You aren't using my RPP right? If you are just running SWS and not any of the other crazy stuff, it should be able to learn if you enable+control enable in MIDI prefs. If you right click the MIDI input port you should be able to check both boxes. It should definitely let you learn it if you assign it in actions at that point

  • got it switching between two tracks. mute and unmute kinda thing. works great..there is the tiniest of delay between switching though

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    And thats why we're all scrambling to make these crossfade things

  • lolololol and now i get it. youre trying to speed up the switching

  • Definitely sorting out this teensy midi pedal stuff though. Enough to feel like I should be able to make/sell these $200 ground control shits

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    that would be awesome!

  • its just deciding what do i want to do control vstsdirectly vs liveconfigs

    i like your spreadsheet thing the best

  • ill tell you what, i loaded up three tracks with different kazrog amps and saved the project. im on values 60-64 so i just inserted my tracks way down on the table.

    the project and all vsts load in under 10 seconds. Termionik isso nice on cpu