anyone on windows tablet?

  • Anyone running Bias AMP on windows tablet? wondering what kind of power would function as a windows based mini guitar rig. I know @pipelineaudio is using an old too..i want to build a mini pc though with a little screen just to launch. something with thunderbolt 3 with a good new interface like uad arrow for no latency

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    I've been asking locally for tablets to test so I can get a good idea on the minimum that will run things nicely

    Routing, spillover and number of open paths seems to be the three munchers on resources, so last week or so, we've been really drilling down to make custom scripts to make this as efficient as possible. I still need to try my desktop setup with gig performer on a laptop. Right now, my REAPER setup will barely run on the desktop if I want spillover and xfade between tracks using SWS Live Configs

  • @pipelineaudio that's just spillover between patch changes right?

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    Yeah, for stuff like delays and things...trying to run as much parallel as possible, but thats asking for massive CPU munch. If you use SWS Live COnfigs the way they originally intended, with muting, it'll just about run on anything, but I want it better, so were hammering away

  • @pipelineaudio what kind of processor is in the desktop? Laptop?

    I'm trying to plan a build. Wondering what type of power is needed.

    Where are you seeing a performance bottleneck? Is it CPU?

  • @pipelineaudio so the way it's intended it SWS turns off the plugins when you're not on that channel to give CPU relief but you run it with the plugins on on all channels to make sure you always get processed sound?

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    Thats the idea, but working on a plugin now to fade out and then send a CC out that can be given as a mute message after the fade out, won't make for infinite spillover, but it will certainly help. Someting like a delay could still be run on a parallel track.

    My Desktop is an i73770k I think, the laptop I've been testing with is a really crappy i5 from 2013 with 4 gigs of ram, waiting on some tablets to try, but I want to get the software right first anyway, and still looking at other soundcard drivers as well

  • i have an i5 sandybridge laptop with 8gb that is doing ok running one instance of things. I assume it would really bog down if I had a bunch of channels all running active VSTs. I just installed Cantabile Lite to fool around with a marketed live host. It seems to load VSTs much faster than Reaper and it does remember VST state on reload of the app

  • I could try an early EeePC but I would not hold my breath and bet there will be crackles and dropouts all over the place.

  • @pipelineaudio so as far as your seemless switching and track spillover journey.. in using reaper and sws live configs are you able to do that with 64 bit plugins? I think read somewhere about it being limited to 32bit? Not sure.

    How's your experiments going?

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    HUGE breakthrough tonight!!!! About to build the first template for distribution.

    Now this could be EXTREMELY optimized further if I can get some more coding help, but this is certainly doable now.

    The only thing SWS Live configs is doing right now in this setup is firing actions upon load and unload of a patch, so it doesn't matter what plugs you are using, I'm ONLY using 64 bit plugs.

    The big bugaboos to me were dropouts/glitches and CPU use.

    One could easily set up a dropout free version, as well as beautiful spillover if you were willing to use the cpu of all 8 live tracks at once (in my case I'm doing 8, but you could do whatever)

    But getting it down to less CPU meant glitches and/or dropouts, and not nice spillover, though it was possible.

    But now we got it! Here's a basic test:

  • How you do it

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    Right now, its using a lot of custom plugins, not sure if theyre ready to be put into ReaPack, so I'll see if I can zip them up, also using a ton of custom commands

    My pedalboard is also custom programmed for it, but S&M PC to CC can do it

    What pedalboard do you have?

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    I had to stop the template I was making, because scripter Daniel Perry just cranked up the awesomeness by about 40 quadrillion....I'll try to get a video up in a sec, but if you want to follow the action, go to the reaper users group facebook page and the reaper forum in the JSFX section. mpl, Michael Schnell and Daniel Perry are MURDERING the universe right now

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  • @pipelineaudio I am actually building a custom midi board with a Teensyduino brain

  • thats why i need to know what kind of codes I need to be able to send for the best switching. I can program it to send basically whatever codes I want it to.

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    Well, for instance, SWS Live likes a single CC# with different values per switch. They made a plugin to go from PC to CC single values, so if you have only PC's that's fine too.

    Honestly, for the simplest version, you'd be using SWS Live with this, but the commands, plugs and scripts are available in macros or the actions menu so you could actually set it up any way you want.

    For the basic ones I'm doing initially

    Pedal 1 = CC0 channel 1 Value 0
    Pedal 2 = CC0 channel 1 Value 1
    Pedal 5 = CC0 channel 1 Value 2
    Pedal 4 = CC0 channel 1 Value 3
    Pedal 5 = CC5 channel 1 - This is for tap tempo
    Pedal 6 = CC0 channel 1 Value 5
    Pedal 7 = CC0 channel 1 Value 6
    Pedal 8 = CC0 channel 1 Value 7
    Pedal 9 = CC0 channel 1 Value 8
    Pedal 10 = CC0 channel 1 Value 9 - pops up a tuner window, mutes the output

  • @pipelineaudio wait so what is the difference between CC codes and PC codes?

    There's multiple values within one cc code?

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    Yeah its weird, but that's the way they made the original SWS. I don't know why. I really want to replace it with a spreadsheet style action loader honestly