Lost Presets on Android

  • I had my 4 hardware presets saved under Pop along with a few presets from the user cloud also saved in Pop.
    Today I was having trouble with the app losing bluetooth connection with the spark.
    So I went to play store - uninstalled the current app and then installed the version that was there.
    All OK so far - bluetooth working better, however all my saved presets are gone...

    Did I do something wrong?

  • no, you are correct.
    you need to start all over again and go through all those wonderful 10 000+ presets.
    PG didn't think of that scenario ever happening , they think their app is the only one that will never crash.

  • Thanks for the reply.
    Well that is really P-Poor of P.G. - So far a 1 star app....

  • @anonyrat Yes, it really is a bad design that allows that to happen. This time as you decide whether you like a tone after you've tried it, mark it as a favorite in the tonecloud. That way, should you have to find the tones you like again, you can filter by "favorite" and find them again easily.

  • @dhbailey so you say.. if you mark it as a favourite and you uninstall and reinstall the app, all the favourites you saved are still there?
    I'm sure I did that once, months ago, and nothing was saved.
    I'm not game in trying this again, but if anyone can try this, please confirm..

  • It almost feels dishonest and I say that because You can save to hardware x4 and isn't it annoying when you select say hardware preset 4. You tweak some settings and save to hardware and it always comes up with ch1, this is really amateur coding. You can save to the cloud where anybody can get it. Now I agree if it is a finished preset that is good but not a work in progress. Lastly you can overwrite - now in a sane world you would think that this would be saving to an area on your device that will be always available, alas no..
    Maybe I was wrong rating the app as a 1 star, zero is closer.