Ideas On Spark Learning Functions ( phrase looping)

  • Ideas On Spark Learning Functions ( phrase looping)

    I am approaching 70 and i have come across many amps over the years. The Spark is a game changing product for the money. Don’t be put of but some off the negative comments on form. My experience with delivery and customer service has been excellent.

    My thoughts on use of phrase training function.

    • works as designed
    • I have been using iPad / iPhone version of Jam Up Pro for years which is a product of PG which has a well designed Looper for an entry level tool but not sure why they are not used on the Spark.
    • the Spark Amp App has Cord Analysis and Capo selection added which is a great feature but it lacks logical easy to use controls that allows you to quickly pin point the wanted phrase.

    Ideas for improvement

    What’s not included from the Jam Up App Looper

    • dedicated button for start and end loop
    • transpose function
    • variable speed control with larger rang
    • loop on / off

    Additional ideas that I have seen in other looper apps ![alt text](![image url](image url))

    • Bar Numbers
    • Wave Form Window(searching for a phrase/dynamics )
    • Loop nudge +- ( to move to a precise point in phrase)
    • Loop Memory - (so next time you load that song you have references)

    What’s your thoughts on the phrase training loop feature in the Spark ?

  • utter crap, and lucky it was free,
    it's really not worth a dollar

  • it would have great potential but if they don't invest a little in development it will remain just a great idea but boring and unsuccessful