Next firmware update

  • Does anyone know when the next firmware update will come out and what will be included?

    Love my Spark btw. Had it for several months and use it pretty much every day!

  • Been asking for an on-screen tuner since getting mine. It really would be a huge improvement over the current flashing dot thingy.

  • Sure, it's probably more of an app update, but it would be a worthwhile improvement, IMO. In fact, I just sent a request to support and if others would join me, we could get that wish!

  • I'd love to see some more variety in the modulation effects or offering effects packages. Giving my Spark to a friend to borrow soon.

  • @scottakam Companies rarely announce firmware updates until they are ready for people to download and install, and companies never announce what is included until the firmware is available for people to download and install. That's because of two reasons 1) they don't want the competition to know what they're doing, and 2) they (hopefully) want to be sure that whatever they are including actually works. The only thing worse than no announcement about a firmware update until it's ready is an announcement promising some features that never materialize because they couldn't be implemented for some reason. So we just have to wait for the announcement.

  • @joelski144 Since the Spark does not send audio data to the app don't know how they would add a tuner to the app other than one using the phone mic's to pick up the audio from the spark which will probably not give you very accurate results.

  • @dhbailey I've worked in software as a developer and manager of dev teams for many years. Software is not black magic! Like anything else it can be planned and executed. Many companies announce what they are working on before releases. Many don't. In my experience the better companies do. A few weeks of talking it up in advance won't give a competitor any advantage. It does help keep people excited and interested in the product.

  • @stinger0625 if the app is connected to the Spark, they could easily feed the frequency info from the Spark to the app. Would be a nice feature although I'm not bothered by the tuner on the unit like some people seem to be.

  • @stinger0625 It does not need to send audio. It needs to send the results only (the same data used to move the LEDs). There is data going back and forth between the Spark and the Phone (for example, the knobs move in real-time on the app if you move them physically on the unit)