"Backing Tracks"?

  • maybe im missing something since i just got this but why are all the songs below the generic backing tracks labeled "backing track" but every one i checked had the guitar on it! I mean i guess that ok if you just wanna solo over some guys rhythem playing but i dont consider that a "backing track"!

  • yeah I guess because 99% of the “guitar heroes” out there just want to solo, and a backing track wihout rhytm guitar is kinda dry. There are bass backing tracks with no bass, but apparently no love for fhythm guitarists.

    when i’m practicing chords, i just play loud enough to drown out the rhythm guitar

  • @sschibuola Well what i consider a "backing track" is like they have at the top they call it "quick jams" and it gives you the chords to follow the bass....problem is there is only about 5 different ones in each genre, they should have a WHOLE library like that.....the ones below it are dumb its people selling stuff on you tube. Ill cover the legends but im not gonna cover Joe Schmo from Idaho!!! ill insert my own rhythems TYVM....

  • Just an option, hopefully something you might like. Erich Andreas is dropping two Jam Tracks per weekend on his Youtube channel. He is a guitar teacher in Nashville who gives his program away to US Veterans free. I go to his channel to get the proper name of the track, then search for it in the Spark app. Once it's in the app as a liked song, I can play over it whenever I want. He's also developing a Jam Tracks web site. His tracks include tabs and chords so you can play along or noodle over them. I've included the link to his channel:

  • OK did a little research...so far ive found 2 apps for android that seem far superior than the "backing tracks" section that comes with spark and isnt just some people on you tube trying to sell you lessons or their own "backing track" library.....and get this the guitar is actually removed on these! One is called "Backing Tracks Play Music" which has songs from the stars and is free 1.49 to remove adds, the other is a very deep app called ireal pro which seems great for learning different genres if you're generally a rock-blues player like myself, and great for getting ideas for originals. 13.99 but cmon all that for less than 3 pints at a bar! worth it! Or you can do what ive been doin for years, go to guitarbackingtrack.com, most of these seem to be ripped from the guitar hero game and the like....good day!