Bias FX2 vst -Vs.- Bias FX2 standalone

  • Any ideas as to why the VST sounds WAY different than the standalone app? The standalone app sounds fantastic, but when I put the vst on a track its completely different...and shitty sounding. Looking for ideas to get them to sound the same.... any help would be appreciated. As far as I know there is no difference in my set up... going thru my audio interface on each...its just the DAW version that sounds bad... no other settings were added or touched, no eq, no effects...etc...

    Thanks in advance...

  • @trevorihrke

    It sounds the same on my systems across standalone, Performer Lite, Ableton Live Lite, and Studio One, on both Windows and MacOS. The most likely culprit is something in the DAW, but other things to check first in each instance of FX -- make sure the "Output Settings" are the same in both instances, including whether enabled. To keep it simple in "Output Settings", make sure that both instances are set to the defaults, which means: the "Direct Out" tab is selected, EQ Compensation is disabled, and all four items along the bottom are checked. If the "Input Volume" and "Output Volume" are also the same in both instances, and the same factory preset is used, it should be the same tone.

    If on a Windows system, are you using an ASIO driver? If not, then switch to an ASIO driver. Also on Windows, with some ASIO drivers or on older, less powerful systems, I have sometimes had to push the buffer size up one level for the DAW vs. the standalone, in order to work without static/popping. For instance, if the standalone's buffer was at 128, the DAW would sometimes need to be 256 due to the extra overhead of the DAW/plugin. I don't need this with my current setup, but have sometimes needed it in the past. I don't recall doing it on MacOS, but I don't use my Mac in as many scenarios as my Windows system, so it isn't quite (pardon the pun) apples-to-apples.

    As for the DAW -- a lot of things can go wrong there. Lots of times, the guitar signal can find its way into two tracks by accident, messing-up the sound. Have you tried "soloing" the guitar track to make sure no other tracks are adversely contributing? Also, are there any other plugins running in the guitar track's plugin chain besides FX that could be adversely contributing? Also, make sure that the guitar's track is setup to be mono for input and stereo for output. Some DAWs default to mono for output if the input is mono, which will sound different than the standalone, assuming the standalone's audio settings are set to stereo output.