Cant even plug in and play

  • just got my amp today and plugged it in connected my guitar and i get no sound from the guitar. All i get is the humming. I then plugged into my other amp and its all good. Am i missing something? Could my amp just be faulty? Anyone else have this problem?

  • well i just plugged the amp to my computer and now i get sound from my guitar though there is still a decent amount of humming still

  • Well you shouldn't have to plug into a computer it should play stand alone. Have you updated the firmware and connected to the app?

  • @stinger0625 it doesnt work stand alone the humming is too loud. I havnt updated the firmware ill try that now. I can connect with the app but if im not plugged in with usb i dont get any sounds just humming. Even when plugged with usb to my computer theres still humming and static just slightly less.

  • @dzc774 You need a grounded power supply. The reason having it plugged in with USB to the computer is that the USB cable is grounded to the computer's metal chassis.

    Use the Contact Support link at the top of this page to request a replacement power supply. In the meantime, you might consider buying a computer power supply through Amazon (between $15US and $20US) just make sure the specs are right:
    19V, 2.4 amps (the amps can be rated higher, but should not be lower than 2.4), tip-positive, plug size 5.5mmx2.1mm or 5.5mmx2.5mm. The original Spark power supply is 5.5x2.1 but I have a computer power supply that is 5.5x2.5 and it works just fine. That way you can have your Spark working in a couple of days while you wait for PG to send you a replacement power supply -- once the replacement arrives from PG you'll have a spare in case anything goes wrong with one of them.

  • @dhbailey thanks for this information.