When using the App, do the Hardware knobs work?

  • I cannot really tell, apart from the Volume knob on top of the amp, will other knobs still function when I am using the one of many preset Amp settings from the app? It is a little confusing to me that I can dial in the settings on the screen AND using the real physical knobs?

  • @joeli

    The physical knobs work whether or not the app is in use. If using the app, the physical knobs will simply override the app, and the app's virtual knobs will adjust themselves to match the physical knobs.

    If you then change something in the app, that will override the physical knobs (the physical knobs can't self-adjust, so they are simply ignored). It basically comes down to the last thing you used takes precedence.

  • @blueingreen Correct -- and it's important to know that if you change anything, either the physical knobs on the amp itself or the virtual knobs in the app, if you get a sound you like be sure to save it using a name that's clear to you to distinguish it from the original tone you were working with.