BIAS FX 2 Standard opens in very small unusable GUI window in Studio One

  • I have installed BIAS FX 2 standard on my Windows 10 PC and set the path for Studio One to find it. It shows up in my DAW effects and I can put it on a track but the GUI for it is very small, it's unreadable. It's working as I can hear the difference in my guitar but I cannot adjust any setting. The stand alone version works fine but it won't record to my DAW. Everything else, i.e. other amps and effects work fine.

  • Yes my friend, you won't believe it...I have the same problem on my Windows 10 PC (brand new one) when I drag the plugins box into the track section in Studio One it will not show me anything and the screen turns all black and it often crash and I have to restart my PC. I finally decided to email both Presonus and PG to ask for assistance (consider I've spent 100 bucks to buy the Artist version of Studio One for it allows 3rd party plugins) Well finally PG emailed me back and I've found out that Bias FX2 doesn't work on FHD or 4K dispaly computers (!!!!!) they yold me that it required a very long period of time for their developer to fix and update such graphic issue....What the hell..... (The only workaorund is that everytime I have to manually lower down the resolution of my PC to something lower than 1080 to make it works...) Try yourself if that is your same problem too

  • @jcjimz I had the opposite, in that the first time it is launched from Studio One (and Reaper), it would be sort-of normal -- but then with every subsequent launching, the window would double in size like the blob taking over a city. The interface itself would be the same, but there would be more and more empty/black window space, and you'd have to scroll over forever to find the actual interface.

    In any case, they seemed to have fixed this specific interface issue with the latest beta, so maybe your issue is related and fixed too (note the "Display issue under High DPI mode in Studio One fixed" line item in the description):

  • @blueingreen That's a great news !!! Thank you, Hope they will release soon this new Beta into stable channel....!

  • @pontesilli70

    And just to clarify (after re-reading my post), I'm running the beta version, so I actually know that it fixed my particular display issue, and am not just basing it on the line-item quote.

  • I trust you of course, I'd just prefer to wait for the stable release....