Just got my Spark - Unfortunately have the dreaded hum issue

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    @mrpabryant The hum issue that the power supply fixes normally is less on the lower presets and gets worse as you go up to 2, 3 and 4. Also, for a temp fix, you can plug the USB from the Spark into a grounded PC. If it goes away when you do that, a replacement power supply with proper ground is in order. Pretty bad that they are still sending those ungrounded ones out.

    Think I’ll just order a replacement power supply from Amazon anyway

  • When I got my Spark I played a Gibson Les Paul through it no hum. I then tried a custom built guitar with humbucker pickup and it would hum when not touching the strings or cable. Upon closer examination of the guitar I realized the guitar does not have a ground wire from the volume pot to the tremolo plate. I soldered a wire and hum disappeared. I never noticed the issue on other amps so if your guitar is not grounded properly it will hum through the spark. If you do not want to use a noise gate I would suggest possibly checking to make sure the guitar is grounded properly, To me the hum was a good thing because it made me ground the guitar properly. A properly grounded guitar will not hum or will at least barely hum. I still notice a very small amount when lifting fingers off strings but its practically not even noticeable compared to being unbearable before. So since Positve Grid did not put alot of work into the power supply and provide a good ground you need to use a quality grounded guitar, With that said the amp is incredible and alot of fun! Good luck!

  • @trevorroman
    After getting a new Strat, I am having the same hum issue which goes away when you touch the strings. It is a lot worse than on my old Squire.

    I’m in the UK as well Can you or anyone else recommend a grounded power supply product that has worked?

  • I had to buy a 3 pin grounded power supply. Silence even on high gain. Cost me $55. PG said they will ship a new supply but I've already bought one now. Shouldn't be shipped with a power supply that is obviously causing issues.