Just got my Spark - Unfortunately have the dreaded hum issue

  • Was thrilled to get my Spark delivered in under 2 weeks to Ottawa Canada. Was hoping as it was a new order it would come with a 3 prong PSU. Alas no such luck and now have an amp with hum so bad it is virtually unuseable. Hum is present even when gain is set at 1/4 level. So disappointed! Have sent a request to PG for a replacement PSU. I checked my laptop PSUs but all have the wrong connector size. My break down and buy an alternate as I don't know how long it will take for PG to respond.

  • @benzowner05 One solution some have used is to hook up the USB cable to their computer to resolve the hum issue. Others have bit the bullet and spent the $15-$20 for a computer replacement power supply on their own while they wait for PG to come through with a replacement power supply. Make sure the replacement power supply is tip-positive, has the tip size of either 5.5mmx2.1mm (the original power supply size) or 5.5mmx2.5mm (The replacement power supply I bought has that and it works great), is rated 19volts and at least 2.4 amps (it can be higher amps but should never be lower than 2.4 amps).

    I also bought the PowerAdd 32000mAh battery pack so that I can take the Spark with me anywhere (backyard, camping, to the park, whatever) and not worry about being near an AC outlet. The PowerAdd's cable for using the DC out is the perfect size for the Spark. And with that battery (currently about $110 at Amazon, might be less with a coupon they sometimes offer) there is no grounding hum issue.

  • Thanks for the advice. I did connect the USB and it did help with the hum. Bit of a pain to have to have it connected to a computer all the time. Will likely buy another PSU as am not optimistic about a quick response from PG.

  • you guys are such passive and perfect customers...
    I would've been throttling the DHL guy with the power cord...

  • Same issue here. Got the amp 2 days ago and I have to say I am not impressed that this is even an issue!
    I am also experiencing an intermittent dropout of sound. Sometimes I have to hit a note multiple times before I get sound, and then it decays very quickly.

    It is very frustrating, as this amp is hyped so much. I thought I got a lemon, but it seems that it is a common thing. My old Fender amp looks pretty good right now.

  • @jrodgers1963 Have you tried dialing the noise gate down? It can often be set too high. Hopefully pg will tweak it as its pretty garbage as it stands now, way too agressive.

  • @carl-galilee yes, I tried that. I finally sent videos to PG and they have opened a case. They said I would get a response within 48 hours...72 hours ago.
    If they do send a grounded power supply, I am just going to sell the amp. My initial impressions of the product are too strong to overlook the positives.

  • I received new power supply...the noise is svanished.


  • @coloxim How long did it take for you to receive your new power supply?

  • I submitted my first ticket regarding the Hum issue on 29 July followed by the video submission on the 30th and promise of a new PS on 31 July. Followed up on August 10th and they were "short on power supplies" and my ticket was closed. Followed up 15 August to ask why it was closed without sending the PS. Received a response 19 August with a tracking number for the PS. Tracking number said processing, no material received (it still says that). Followed up again 29 August, received a response 31 August saying PS would ship within 2-3 days. Meanwhile received a second Amp 1 September with same issue. Submitted a new ticket 1 September. Received a response requesting another video for the second Amp on 4 September and submitted same. On 8 September I received TWO Power Supplies in response to my first ticket under different tracking numbers than the one provided by PG. Hum issue resolved. Notified PG of the error and requested the ticket for my second Amp be closed since I received an additional PS in error. So 31 July - 8 September for first replacement. Received another PS on 14 September in response to the ticket for my second Amp. So 1-14 September for second replacement. Apparently they are no available. BTW, still no bag for the Amp I ordered in May.

  • Have exactly the same issue here in the UK. Just delivered, first impression was excellent but the hum was there. I thought it was due to something I changed in the settings. Have tried factory resets but to no avail. Gets worse as you move through the presets from 1 to 4. Sometimes stops if I touch the power switch. Bit worried by this! Anyway have just requested a new power supply so hopefully they will cooperate and send me one.

  • @dhbailey Wondering how is the PowerAdd working for you a month later? I saw your post, checked it out and there is a sale going on now. How do you connect it to Spark? Do you have photos of the setup? Any other comments that can help my decision?

  • @jdonato I don't have a photo of the setup, but I can tell you that the PowerAdd is working great with the amp! The hookup is incredibly easy -- the PowerAdd comes with a cable that goes into the "DC Out" socket on the PowerAdd and the other end of that cable is a perfect fit for the Spark Amp's "DC In" socket with no extra adapter needed. Many hours of amp usage, very portable, I am hoping it will fit in the Spark bag with the amp (my bag should be here on Monday). And the PowerAdd has many other uses -- it can power a laptop computer, it can charge smart phones and tablets (there are two USB connections, one is 2.1 amps and the other is 1.1 amps -- why they're not both 2.1 amps is beyond me!) all while powering other things using the DC Out port. It's so impressive my wife bought one so that she can extend her laptop's battery life while she is working away from an AC outlet.

  • I got my Spark amp just a few days ago have not unpacked yet due to thanksgiving weekend (I'm also in Ottawa, Canada area - across the river Gatineau). I'm hoping I don't have the dreaded hum issue but I'll soon find out. I can't believe they are asking people for video examples of this issue, there are several people that are experiencing this and obviously it a known problem. Anyway, keep us posted on PG's response and if they send you a replacement adapter.

  • @dhbailey Thanks!

  • I too,like all of us I guess have got this noise issue with my spark. what puzzles me is this company have known about this power supply issue and yet they are still sending bad power supplies out with these amps. I received my spark in September and I’m still waiting for a new power supply. Not happy.

  • @dhbailey Cool... So how long will the

  • @erikmaildrop When I got the battery pack (PowerADD 32000mAh) I used it to power the amp and it was on continuously for 11 hours before I switched it off and during that time the battery was only down 35%. During that time it was mostly used as an bluetooth speaker but I used it as an amplifier for about 1.5 hours out of the 11 hours it was on.

  • If you have the hum is it there on every setting/all of the time?
    I only got mine today and have a humming noise but only on some of the tones. Not sure if that’s ‘normal’

  • @mrpabryant The hum issue that the power supply fixes normally is less on the lower presets and gets worse as you go up to 2, 3 and 4. Also, for a temp fix, you can plug the USB from the Spark into a grounded PC. If it goes away when you do that, a replacement power supply with proper ground is in order. Pretty bad that they are still sending those ungrounded ones out.