Something cutting off all notes in Bias FX2 (not a noise gate)

  • All my notes are being cut short in Bias FX2. It sounds like a poorly adjusted noise gate, but it occurs even with the noise gate pedal turned off. Is there a global noise gate I am unaware of? It happens with all my guitars and all my presets/settings. Sometimes the note sustains for a few seconds then oscillates strangely before cutting out, or even sustains for a few seconds then cuts to about 5% volume.

  • @joshualeldred

    The only global settings I know of are under the "Output Setting" button at the bottom of the interface. There is a global shelving "EQ Compensation" setup here, which also includes a "Resonance" knob, although I believe this is all off by default. Is that enabled and did anything get changed from the defaults? Or in either case, maybe try tweaking the resonance knob.

    The only other thing I can think of is that one of the input levels is too low -- either the hardware interface's input level or FX2's input level slider on the bottom-left.

  • Thank u I will investigate these options. Thx again.