Cannot disable the drive pedal on my hardware channels

  • For some reason, whichever channel I switch to on my spark amp, the drive pedal is activated. So it's impossible for me to have a clean tone. Is it possible to disable the drive pedal for the clean channel and leave it enabled for the other channels like high gain and metal? This is really frustrating me because my hardware clean channel is basically unusable.

  • @sorooshkianmehr

    There is no actual clean or dirty channel -- the four hardware preset buttons can be any arbitrary preset/tone that you want them to be. The first one just happens to be a clean tone from the factory defaults. I've actually turned my first hardware preset into a mock-FRFR, with everything turned off, including the amp mod, allowing me to use the Spark as a makeshift audio interface for computer-based effect chains like BIAS-FX and S-GEAR.

    What probably happened is that you overwrote the stock factory default presets. You can simply overwrite it again by selecting any clean tone in the mobile app, and then saving it in the app to the first hardware preset using "Save to Hardware Preset". You can also long-press any preset button on the amp itself to save the current tone to it. I think this second method is how people sometimes accidentally overwrite their hardware presets without realizing it.

    I've already overwritten my hardware presets, but I believe the first hardware preset's factory default was "Silver Ship", but someone else would probably know for sure. You can also do a factory reset, but that's a bit extreme.

  • @blueingreen

    No I think what he means, and it's a complaint of mine too, is that if I turn on say a tube drive pedal, or a tremelo, switching the knob on the built in preset dial does not turn those off, so if I had a hi-gain preset that I was using, then switched to the built in clean preset, it still sounds dirty as it's not disengaging the tube drive pedal that was activated by my high-gain preset, and the only way to do that is through the app.