Bias FX2 VST version having issues with PitchShifter pedal but .exe works perfectly

  • Hi guys, finally got around to getting Bias FX2 and it sounds absolutely perfect! One thing I can't seem to figure out however, is the PitchShifter. It works just fine in the .exe desktop software (on Windows of course) however when I open up the plugin in any DAW on my PC the pitch shifter pedal seems to not function whatsoever. When the pedal is down (which indicates that the sound should be pitched down or harmonics added when switched to harmonic) I only hear intermittent clicks and odd glitchy sounds. This does not occur in the exe software, but the plugin has this issue and it is ONLY with the PitchShifter pedal. Everything else works just fine. Just a simple background of what I've tried so far: Uninstalled/reinstalled Bias FX, removed all associated files from all directories, attempted to reinstall FL Studio or try different version and other DAW's and still to no avail. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • @hyecartoon I also use the Windows version, and have used the VST version in Cubase 9.5 and GP 3.8 with no issues.
    Not sure why you're having that problem.

  • @myxolydian Thanks for the response bud, yeah it's definitely an odd issue as it's strictly that pedal that's causing issues and strictly in the vst version. What's crazy is the same issue happens both with the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the software which I would imagine would get rid of possibilities of corruption of the file responsible for the pitchshifter pedal modulation. Still awaiting a response from support, but hopefully I can figure this thing out soon.

  • Quick update, out of curiosity I decided to install FL Studio on my laptop as well along with Bias FX2 just to test out whether or not this was specific to my desktop. I have the exact same issue on my laptop. Exe working fine, vst only clicking sounds out of PitchShifter pedal. Anyone ever use bias with FL who can see if pitchshifter works for them?