USB DI Direct Boxes with SPARK USB output?

  • To use a USB DIRECT BOX XLR outputs
    to feed the XLR input bus of my house mixer
    with the USB output of my SPARK amp,
    (e.g., Peavey USB-P, On-Stage DB2150, Mackie MDB-USB, Radial USB-Pro, etc.)
    I would have to fashion a dual USB type-B cable that is externally powered
    to connect the USB Type-B output connector of my Spark
    to the USB Type-B connector of the USB direct box?

  • I would just mic it. That's a lot of cable between you and the mixer.

  • @graphman @dhbailey

    Interesting co-evolution of thought here bud. I’ve been puzzling over a similar situation whereby I can send the entire Spark signal (which includes my processed guitar Signal) to a pair of ROKIT 8 AC powered Speakers. Those speakers have both balanced and unbalanced inputs as well as XLR and an RCA Input. I’d simply like a bit beefier sound with which to work.

    Now I don’t know at this point if the following will work but it seems as if it should. While pondering this and perusing at various online sources for ideas I found a 3.5mm (1/8”) Male Stereo Jack to Dual Male XLR cable that is 3m long. Probably run me about $24 delivered. The headphone output is the signal source Of both my processed signal and the backing track so plug in there and hook directly to the Female XLR Inputs on the back of the ROKITS. Of course the Spark speakers shut off because the headphone jack takes priority but if it works I really dont care. Interested? I’ll see if I can find it again and post the link.


  • We have XLR vacancies on our snake,
    and wanting a clear stereo signal to our mixer is our motivation.
    Checking any USB Type-B specification
    we find that the USB Type-B connector
    is normally to the slave unit that normally needs power;
    whereas, the USB Type-A connector is to the host unit
    that normally provides power.
    Often the provided host power is not enough,
    so we can find numerous mods on Youtube.
    Using a powered USB hub is an option,
    but I have boxes full of USB cables and USB power supplies to mod.
    The intention is to make sure
    the slave USB Type-B gets its 5 volts (if required),
    and make sure the host connector power pin is disconnected
    so as to not create problems having two power supplies
    powering the 5 volt pin.
    This mod is becoming more needed as many of us want to use
    USB outputs of our amps and FX units into an analog chain.
    The several USB Direct Boxes above fill this need,
    albeit, with the proper cabling.