Headphone output sounds tinny?

  • Hey forum, finally got my amp head today and tweaked to sound incredible through my Randall cab.
    However, when I went to practice with headphones tonight with a cab sim, it sounded very thin and tinny, no matter where I moved the microphone. The highs are very shrill, and almost ear piercing, no matter what the preset is.
    I also use my Zoom G5 for silent practice, which actually sounds fuller.
    Anyone have the same experience or able to offer some tips?

  • What headphones?

  • @tannhauser Razer Kraken Pro. They're pretty decent, but they're for gaming. I need to grab some decent ones for production one day.

  • Do you know whether they're EQ'd? Likely. If so, no signal chain eq-ing will fix what they put out. In which case, even a $50-ish pair of AKGs will be better, though they have to be the 'Flat' model. Which will sound different from other make's monitoring headphones. Which leads us to having patches for different speaker set-ups. But of course, as each responds differently, the listening environment a part of that.

    In another vein, have you A/B'd your Zoom through the head line in?

  • If you were playing through a real guitar cab did you have cab simulation disabled when you dialed the tone (you should have... otherwise you will have to dial in an insane amount of high end which is what you are hearing when you go to headphones)). If you did have it disabled, just re-enable it for headphones.

    Real cab: No cab simulation
    Headphones or Studio Monitors: Cab sim enabled

    If you dial your sounds like that you should have a minimal amount of work going back and forth.