Sound Wobbling - Audio from USB

  • When I use spark as output speakers (USB) I have the frequency wobbling some cents all the time.

    I started to realize it when I was using spark as speaker to my daw. When I press a key on my controller, the sound is pitch shifting all the time.

    Testing with a pure 440Hz input signal generated direct from a player (outside the daw), the wobbling still persist.

    Does anyone have the same issue?

  • @fonseca-ldm --- I just noticed the same issue. This issue + overall muddiness of the sound starts to be a deal breaker to me. I have really tried to like this product but whatever I try to do, it always fail to deliver a decent sound.

  • @fonseca-ldm
    I'm experiencing the same issue. The monitored or recorded signal through PC/DAW is effected. It seems when a note is sustained it is initially at correct pitch but then this fluctuates up and down slightly, same issue with playing midi instruments. The sound direct from guitar to amp is fine so it definitely seems to be an issue with processing the signal back from PC to amp. I'm using windows 10, 64 bit with Studio one. I have tried Kontakt standalone with same issue. I've tried to uninstall/reinstall PG asio driver, updated firmware and have also tried asio4all but unfortunately nothing has worked. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks

  • @dougieplays I noticed it a little at times to using the asio driver for the amp. I now run from the headphone out to my focusrite scarlet solo using its asio driver and it sounds flawless. I hope a better version of the spark asio is on the way. Saves cable swaps and time when using a Daw vs using usb connection for just the pc

  • Same here - it's my first day owning the amp and I was using it as a pc speaker listening to some acoustic covers on youtube when I noticed a guy's guitar was out of tune, then I noticed all guitars on youtube were out of tune!
    So next I tried pure sine waves and - there you go, sine waves are out of tune... :(
    So far this amp fails tremendously in most aspects and I already regret letting go my old yahama thr10.

  • @lmysiak

    Were you listening to music via USB or Bluetooth?

    I was initially thinking that the wobbling was related to the Spark's local monitor audio leaking into the computer/USB return audio, since the wobbling kind of resembles a light chorus effect, which is created by mixing dry and wet signals. But, if it is also occurring while simply listening to music originating from the computer, then I guess that theory is de-bunked. It does appear to be some sort of mixing of two signals (maybe both originating from the computer), which creates that chorus-like wobble.

    I don't think that an ASIO driver update will help, since it occurs with ASIO4ALL using MS' driver, as well as with my Mac -- so I don't think it is specific to PG's ASIO driver. It seems like this would be more related to the Spark's firmware (hopefully not hardware-related). This could actually be a good thing, since they appear to update the Spark's firmware more frequently than the ASIO driver.

  • @blueingreen
    That was via USB and with only PC audio source, BT disconnected. I appears like some sort of bandwidth variation compensation was in effect. I've experienced this before on some websites, I believe, streaming audio files in browser would have fluctuating pitch.
    Gotta check how the BT playback behaves tho.

  • This is exactly what I have been getting the last few days trying to record music. It doesn't do it very noticably for everything, but definately when it is being used as the audio interface for the return signal.

    I have my spark plugged into my PC via usb. I then run my PC sound into the Spark and plug myheadphones in and I can play along to YouTube videos and such to practice as I prefer this to the App. This doesn't sound too bad generally, though can be a bit off sometimes.

    However, when I plug and set it up in Presonus Studio One, regardless of what latency setting I put it on, I play a part and it sounds great coming out of the spark, but the monitor, and on playback after recording the track, the guitar is very warbly from the 'monitor' though not native sound. Particularly as you say any held or sustaining chords or notes, which sound like one of those old pitchshifters that couldn't make their mind up.

    It is a realy shame. Is there anything we can do?

  • @adamparsons79

    It's especially noticeable if you simply do arpeggios on the bottom three strings on a clean tone. I tested it with all Spark effects turned off, including the amp, in a sort-of mock-FRFR setup, with no effects on the Spark's end or the computer/DAW's end.

    Probably the only thing to do is hope that a firmware update will fix it.

  • @blueingreen Thanks, as weird as it sounds, its at least some comfort to know I'm not alone, and its not my other hardward, which is very high spec, and rather a spark issue, as frustrating as it is.

  • I just did a test and its for sure the return signal as described.

    I'm using the Spark with Presonus Studio One. When I record a track I turn off the monitor in presonus, as the slightly out of synch sound is too offputting. Then when I listen back through the spark the guitar sounds all chorusy or pitch shifted, as mentioned particularly on sustained higher notes.

    If I turn the spark off and switch the presonus interface to just WIndows Audio and listen to the headphones plugged into the PC, the guitar sounds fine; no warbling/pitchshifting at all.

  • Just a guess from playing with it last night but, it seems like the chorusing is a phase issue between the Amp output and the latency induced in the return signal from the DAW (or in my case the Jamkazam software). I need to figure a way to only hear the return signal and not the amp when doing this.

  • I tried everything possible. Re-install the asio driver, tried asio for all, tried with different frequency, sample and etc. Nothing worked at all. It seems everyone is facing the same problem.

    I"m pretty sure it's firmware, Someone knows if Positive Grid tech people are reading this forum?

  • @fonseca-ldm Whether PG is reading this forum or not is immaterial -- if you have a problem you should submit a support ticket through the Contact Support link at the top of this page. That way your problem will be assigned a number and you will be in official chain to get support. One would hope that PG is reading this forum and taking note of the complaints, etc., but the development team (if it's like development teams at other music-related companies I've dealt with) prioritizes how it works on different problems based the numbers of support tickets with the same problems.

  • @dhbailey you are right, i will submit a ticket.

  • I did an A/B comparison with my PC monitor speakers on several sine waves playback and recorded it with my phone:
    The audio on the Spark fluctuates in a pattern with 1-2 second intervals with change in pitch and apparent volume.
    The same happens on Bluetooth although it's somewhat less pronounced, probably due to BT compression.
    I sent that video to Positive Grid and was informed that my ticket went to "product team" - have not heard from them since.

  • Hi everyone,

    I just got a reply to my ticket, they are aware of it and they are looking to fix it for the next firmware.

    the reply is attached below


    Hi there,

    Apologies for the inconvenience.

    My tech team got back to me and the issue will be addressed in a future firmware update release.
    Warm regards,
    Positive Grid Support

  • Same problem for me. Just as you guys described. Have had the amp for couple weeks. Love it. Tried audio interface function yesterday... Disaster! I seem to only be able to get a signal in when using PreSonus. But the pitch variation makes it unusable for me. Even without that issue the quality of the study out is terrible. Interesting to hear that ASIO4ALL doesn't work. It was going to be my next step. I saw some chatter about it being related to the non grounded PSU but seems unlikely. And from what that ticket from PG says it looks like firmware. So we just wait? Any one hear anything more about it? I think I'll be buying a mic and going straight in to Cubase with it...