Bluetooth speaker with Apple's HomePad?

  • I have an Apple HomePod speaker on my network. I just bought a Spark amp.

    If I launch iTunes, there is a dropdown menu allowing me to select where to play my audio, by clicking in a check box. So I can play it from my TV speakers, or the speakers built in to my computer, or the HomePod. The Spark 40 also shows up on the menu, but it seems like if I select it, I cannot select the other speakers. I was hoping to use it as a second speaker in my computer room, while also being able to send audio to the speakers in the TV room or elsewhere in the house.

    Is it only possible to play the Spark amp via bluetooth or the HomePod? Or can I play both at the same time?

  • @ljohnson7 Can you play it from more than one device if you don't select the Spark amp? Most devices I've seen can only send output to a single bluetooth source, since each bluetooth device has its own unique "channel" -- bluetooth isn't a scatter-shot transmission medium. The Spark amp can only handle one input at a time for aux audio input. I think if you want multiple speakers throughout your house you will need to buy a set of speakers designed to do just that. But it won't include the Spark.