can smart jam come out of amp?

  • will there ever be a future update where we can have the backing track and drums also come out of the amp so it is louder? thanks

  • @mbvride What operating system are you using? I am using an Android tablet and the Backing tracks are one of my favorite features. I noodle over various Blues tracks nearly every evening and then play through the Spark Amp. I have been importing almost every Jam Track from Your Guitar Sage's You Tube Channel over the last month as well as some others I found in the Blues section provided in the Spark App. Unless I misunderstand your question, so long as the App is connected via Bluetooth, the tracks should be playing through the Amp.

  • Check that Bluetooth audio is connected. The little knob by the headphone jack controls the volume of music streaming into the spark. I often use the included backing tracks and ones I bought from Amazon and have on my phone. I can stream both the amazon music app and Power Amp music player.

  • @cmcwillieb @valascia i just realized it is because there are two bluetooth options. spark 40 audio and spark 40 ble. i have to use the audio one