Spark support

  • Has anyone ever received a solution by asking for support? I have paid for Pro Kit in the Spark app, and it keeps asking me to buy a subscription. When I click on it, it says I already have a subscription, then asks me to buy a subscription again. I understand that software can have issues, but the lack of support after sending 6 requests for help is frustrating and disappointing. You can’t talk to a support tech either. This is pitiful for as many Spark amps as they have sold.

  • @gary-wise What is this "pro kit" you're talking about in the Spark app? Are you sure you're using the Spark Amp app and not some other app called Spark that has no relation to the amp? There is no subscription involved in using the correct app with the amp.

  • He’s talking about spark edu app which has the same auto chords function spark uses. But spark edu is a subscription service.
    I had the same issue, and had to go to Apple for a refund. PG did get back to me and gave me a link

    I got my refund instantly

  • @lmastleyjapan Thanks for the clarification.