Giving Effective Feedback to PG about Improvements

  • Guys,

    If you have an idea about an improvement use the support ticket form to submit it. I can pretty much assure you that when Mike or Felix is on here they're not taking statistical notes about the number of posts RE: Loops, EQ's, MIDI interface additions etc. Whereas they have an established mechanism for submitting those ideas and easily tabulating those suggestions and interest :the support ticket form.

    Now if you want to bounce an idea off the group to see if it resonates with the membership that's another matter. It's possible to use that thread to recruit motivated people to submit a ticket with the same idea/request. Those "count". Assuming that posting a popular idea alone is sufficient enough to motivate a company isn't likely to be an effective strategy. Its important for people who share the enthusiasm for an improvement to submit an "idea" ticket. If you don't put it "IN" to their system it's not registering as a hard number with which to motivate PG.