Poppy / scratchy / "robot" sounds using spark > spark ASIO driver > Studio One

  • I'm enjoying my Spark a lot for practicing. But when I go to try to record with it using the Spark ASIO driver and Studio One, the sound is terrible. This isn't me being picky -- the recordings I get are unusable.

    I've tried adjusting the buffering, but no help. The sound doesn't feel laggy, so I don't think it's a latency problem (though I could be wrong).

    I've heard that some people get better results with Asio4All, and I'll do that next time I get a chance.

    I have had similar problems with a Katana 50 mkII, but to a much lesser degree.

  • @grayaj23 Is your Studio One guitar input track clean, and not running plugins/effects that could clash? Your description sounds similar to sometimes when I forget that I'm already running an effects plugin (like BIAS-FX) inside the DAW's track, and then run the Spark's already-effects-laden audio into the same track, and the two effects stacks clash. So, make sure that the Studio One audio track is completely clean/minimal.

    Also, I can't remember the exact scenario, but your description sounds similar to other times that involved a doubling-up of the audio inside the DAW -- either within a single track or having two tracks monitoring the guitar audio simultaneously. Not a full feedback loop, but a doubling of the audio signal.

    And yet another scenario that sometimes causes corrupted audio (like robot sounds) is while using audio routing program's like VoiceMeeter. I think it's caused when two apps try to use a device at the same time, and the driver or device goes wonky. I had to stop using it for guitar, but still use it for audio in general.

    If none of the above apply and it is a driver issue -- I use ASIO4ALL, which I think works better anyways, and lets you use other sample rates like 44.1K.

  • @grayaj23 That sounds like it's a buffer issue in your DAW. Try making the buffer just a bit larger and experiment until you find the correct buffer size to get good tone with no pops, scratches, robot-like sounds.

  • Thanks. I'll try your suggestions, and am planning to try asio4all.