Spark or no Spark?

  • I purchased my Spark 2 months ago... I have a message to say that my spark will leave the warehouse in August...??? Now after reading other comments about non-delivery of this mythological amplifier I am getting concerned... as any one else experienced delays and false promises?

  • Where do I start. Ordered 6th November 2019......nothing for months then last month shipping was updated to be expected 25th-31st August. That has been and gone and shipping is still expected 25-31st August. I am going for the full year from order to delivery.......

  • I am on the east coast, USA. I ordered my first Amp in May and received it in early August, ordered the second in mid-August and received it 3 weeks later. If your experiencing delays at this point definitely reach out to PG. @mike

  • Hi, have you received your order?
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