New software ideas, such as looper?

  • Hi PG-group! Had my Spark amp yesterday and as the first impression, oddly, despite of all the good features, this product seems still somewhat limited to me, as imo, this could/should be kind of Photoshop of guitar amps. My question boils down to the versatility of your hardware that enables/disables progress by the software, i.e., the app & firmwares: is it easy for you to develop & add, say, a looper in the product? Can we have something like parametric EQ at some point? How about profiling your own amps? What are your future plans?

  • Hi,
    I would recommend clicking the 'contact support' and raising a 'good idea' ticket.
    pg don't tend to look at this forum so its highly doubtful you will get an answer to your question.
    The more people raise features they would like to see via a ticket, the more chance we have of them being considered for addition.

  • Yes, thanks @carl-galilee, I actually sent the message also into the "contact support->good ideas", but posting it also here might provoke spin-off-ideas among other users.

  • @antti-kero There have been many suggestions for additions, such as the looper (perhaps the most talked about missing pedal), graphic EQ, parametric EQ, among others, in addition to allowing us to change the order of the pedals in the sequence, more options for noise gates, the ability to change the sample rate going through the USB which is currently fixed at 48KHz which is contrary to many people's recording projects which they start at 44.1KHz.

    I'm not sure how we would profile our own amps -- I believe the process for profiling an amp is way too complex for a simple app on an iOS or Android device. But it would be nice if they included more of the iconic amps. I would love for them to profile a Polytone Mini-Brute amp used by many jazz guitarists, Fender Jazzman amp.

    I am guessing that PG's plan all along was to put out the Spark with what is currently in the app and then sell add-ons either through different purchased versions of the Spark Amp App, or in a forthcoming update to include the ability to have in-app purchases where we can buy additional packages of effects and/or amp models. After all, there is a limited number of guitarists who will purchase the Spark amp but all of us with the Spark will want more/different effects and amp models and it's a way for PG to provide a revenue stream after the Spark amp has saturated the marketplace.

  • Thank you @dhbailey for your enlightening response!

    Right now the Top-1 in my wish-list is a global EQ (parametric or graphic). Or even better, an overall EQs for both the guitar and the usb/bluetooth/aux channels. The Spark amp sounds to me very bassy/boomy: enjoying music via USB/Bluetooth/aux is almost out-of-the-question because of this and all the sound presets I've dialed so far have bass knob turned down close to 0. Having plenty of bass is nice for bass, I guess, but for all other purposes it would be necessary to temper the overall EQ for more balanced output.

    Or is it only me hearing this?

  • @antti-kero You're not alone. Take a look below for one of the most read subjects 'I find the overall sound very bass heavy'
    EQ would be a great addition - here's hoping pg look into it.

  • @antti-kero I'd like the app to tell me there is a firmware update. Simple, but missing.