Spark Amp input level

  • There is no way to adjust the input for proper clipping levels (that I know of). Is there some type of auto level happening. But if you turn down the volume knob on your guitar the sound levels go down so it must not adjust that gain. How do I know if my level is too high and clipping?

  • A guitar amp is not like a mic pre where you need to adjust it so you don't get clipping. In most cases you want the guitar amp to distort or clip in a good way. How much distortion you get is a product of your guitar output, preamp (gain on Spark), power amp (master) the amp..... Just adjust your guitar volume, gain and master until you get a sound you like. You can also put boost, drive and distortion pedals in front of the amp to change the sound/distortion.

  • It depends on what you’re going for. Some people keep their guitar volume on 10. I usually keep mine in the 6 to 7 range. If you want a clean sound keep the gain on the amp low, turn up the master and the output controls.