• Do the tone controls cancel out when using the app?
    If not then what would be the optimum setting to along with the app?
    Thanks guys

  • @libirm All the knobs on the amp are not in effect when you load a tone from the tone cloud, or load one of the four presets. But as soon as you move a knob that takes precedence over the setting of the tone.

    It is important to remember that it doesn't matter what your knobs are set at when you use a tone from your app or the tonecloud or select one of the four stored presets on the amp. But if you find a setting you like with any/all of the knobs you can re-store it in the same preset slot it came from or save it in the app. You'll find that how you move the knobs is reflected in the knobs on the screen of the app.

  • @dhbailey Thank you so much- the more I Dig into this amp- the I like!