Screen rotation on android?

  • Re: Spark app won't auto rotate screen

    Sorry if I've missed a thread on this as I searched and the above is the only one I can find. Am I correct in thinking that on apple devices you can use the spark app in landscape and portrait rotation but on android only portrait?

    If so anyone know why or a work around, it's very annoying?

  • You are correct in your observation, Android is portrait only. That is the current design so no work around currently exists. It has been addressed in a few threads. Some have submitted tickets suggesting this feature be added to Android devices.

  • I found a way..
    I use an app called "rotation control" which works quite well, but it's certainly a stretch

  • @samueleonline this looks like a great temporary fix I'll try it out thank you.

    This is something that needs fixing. I can't understand why something as simple as this would work on apple and not android