So angry and frustrated

  • Mine is making good progress. Arrived with courier in Germany 2 days ago and now in UK.

  • I suppose you got bad luck with the batches they produce and deliver to certain continents. I ordered on August 17 and my Spark was delivered today in The Netherlands.

  • @pvloev likewise - ordered last month (in NL) and arrived today :-)

  • @crystalpit I did get in touch the customer service, as I live in China the courier wanted the address in Chinese (sadly PG neglected to inform me of this) so I sent the details through to customer service and now they have promised I will get it withing the next 10-15 days and should get a tracking number from the courier (SF who are pretty decent) soon. Wish I had actually got onto them earlier (or they had got onto me) but patience is a virtue. Anyway the customer service was actually pretty good once I got in touch hopefully they fulfill their promise (the thing is probably being made a few hundred miles from my place in China)

  • Well Parcelforce brought mine this morning and a quick plug in confirms that purely as a mobile house/party amp it really delivers.

    So if my experience is anything to go by things have improved drastically. Don’t expect it to move quickly after it being entered on the GLS System. I think mine was static for 8 days. Thereafter it sailed along.

  • And I’m still waiting for my order to be fulfilled. 5 weeks on and not a peep. Yet “apparently” their delivery speed has recovered.

  • @rexlarsenphoto I first ordered mine in January when they said it would ship in February @$224.............Yeah right.........I cancelled when that was no where near a delivery date. I went on the waiting list at Sweetwater and they gave me the same price when it became available....

  • @abown68 Andy, I ordered mine mid August and it arrived on 22 September. I live in country Victoria. Took JB Hi-Fi a month to deliver an office phone from Craigeburn. Go figure. The amp is really bloody good!

  • order 23 may, delivered in France 21 july, i knew it would be long, longer than that....but i'm not angry ;)