So angry and frustrated

  • I was given a guarantee that my amp would be shipped before the 31st of August, and had bought the amp on the 4th of August.
    Yet I check tracking of order and no change at all!
    And to really get a slap in the face, your advertising you have the Spark in stock.
    You have no idea how frustrating this all is! what the hell is going on there and where's my amp?

  • @daleoscot I waited six months. Remain calm

  • This post is deleted!

  • @rexlarsenphoto >
    yes,and I waited 9 months before I smelt mine,
    thats not the point he's making, they are advertising as sparks in stock and ready to ship.
    I've just ordered 2 more, it will be two weeks on Sunday, without any news or anything if they've even been moved off the factory floor.
    that is bullish!t...
    One more week, then I'm cancelling and I'm over PG for good.

  • In stock where? USA or China...........

  • @daleoscot same here,I ordered July 24 in Australia says will be shipped before aug 31,check tracking still hasn’t been shipped!asked support for update on my order a couple of weeks ago,no reply as yet😩

  • I ordered mine on July 25 in Japan. The tracking site still says it's "due to ship by August 31", but I received my Spark on August 31. I believe the stock is in China.

  • Same here, I ordered mine on July 30, was told the pre-order would ship 7th - 14th August, it was then changed to before August 30. No updates and no response. I don't think they have them in stock at all.

  • Here in the US, I ordered August 17 and received my amp today, September 2.

  • @joe I hope i'm that lucky LOL ordered mine Aug 30. we'll see

  • I ordered on August 18th from Japan and no movement. Says will be shipped by September 17th. Why on earth does it take them a whole month to bang one in the post if they have them in stock? It should be delivered and finished by September 17th, not shipped.

    All the while I’m getting constant emails about ‘recommend your friends’, and ‘buy this, buy that’, ‘we hope you’re enjoying your spark... tell a friend etc’

    Their priorities are completely backwards

  • I'm in Australia too, you know if they had just said it's going to be a month or two I wouldn't mind so much cause I've been kept informed.
    But to be told it will be shipped to me before 31 August, and guaranteed it, without so much as "Sorry there's been delays" is just ridiculous and a sign that once they have your money the care factor for the customer gets flushed down the toilet.
    And seriously I wish they would have a different section for updates about shipping and updates about events separately cause last time I checked shipping updates were from weeks ago

  • Hi all

    I am in Australia and ordered on July 26. I was originally told my Spark would ship between August 17th and 20th. Last month, at the same time they were announcing that they now had stock, they changed the date to 31st but wouldn't explain why. Like you guys, I have had no update since then, other than to say they'll inform me when it's been shipped.

    A few days ago I asked them to either ship within 48 hours or let me know how to get a refund. This has also been ignored.

    What a disgraceful way to treat people who have handed over money. What makes it worse is seeing people order weeks after us who receive their Spark within a couple of weeks.

    Never ordering from these jokers again.


  • I can sympathise - I ordered November 6th 2019 and still nothing, was allegedly going to ship between 25th and 31st August and nothing has been updated and nothing has arrived. It has got to the point where I just laugh about it now.

  • @andrew-smith November 6th?...nah mate, somethings up with your order for sure... unless you're in Antarctica..

  • I came here hoping to find out what this means:

    "Aug 28 2020 08:43 am
    The parcel data was entered into the GLS IT system; the parcel was not yet handed over to GLS.
    Nuthetal, Germany"

    Bear in mind I am in the UK. I am guessing that entering on the GLS IT system means that there is yet to be any physical movement

  • @roger You've got it right -- the label has been created and GLS knows the package will be handed over soon but the package is still in the Spark distribution center. I know that the communication between Spark and its customers is horrible, so I hope that by the time you read this your amp will be delivered in a day or two.

  • @dhbailey

    Hope so. It's been like this for 10 days.

  • @daleoscot , I live in US. I ordered mine on Aug 23 and received it Sept 8.

  • Ordered my Amp 3rd of August. Shipping was set to beween 17th and 22nd of August. Couple of weeks later the status was shipping before 31st of August. Recieved my Amp the 22nd or 23rd of August before any update about shipping. I’d stay cool for a couple of days or contact Support - maybe it’s got lost in shipping.