Leslie preset sound

  • Is there a preset for a Leslie cabinet sound or has anyone developed something similar?

  • @musicbywire
    I am not aware of a specific preset but I will tell you how I would try to set it, a light tremolo with a not too marked echotape delay and a plate reverb
    I haven't tried, maybe I'm completely out of tone.
    the Leslie cabinet is something very special to listen to and difficult to reproduce

  • I haven’t tried to create one yet. I would use a vibrato pedal and set it to fast but turn the depth low. A little bit of slap back echo and thick hall reverb and boom, instant Leslie.

  • The Univibe pedal (06) is going to get you in that territory. It’s a pretty nice model of a great pedal that was meant to give you a Leslie tone. One of the best modulation effects in the Spark.

  • @noeljeff : I couldn't find that in the PG tonecloud, can you help me find it?

  • Just load any preset then double tap the 'mod' pedal. Univibe is number 6 in the list.

  • Haven’t tried it, but I would think the “Dancing in the Room” preset would play nicely with the Univibe. I’d also consider playing with delay and reverb. I’ve got a homebuilt rotating speaker cabinet and while it’s true no pedal can quite capture the sound, i think that’s mostly due to the physics of how the sound bounces off different walls and interacts with itself (and your ears in stereo!) as the speaker rotates. The Roland Space Echo (#5 Multi Head) and the Hall Ambient (also #5) might be good starting points

  • @floraliner hi, you don’t need to look for a preset in the cloud. It’s one of the mod effects built in to the amp/app. You can switch the mod effect to Univibe on any preset. Personally, I avoid the preset downloads for the most part. I’m more interested in making my own. The univibe sounds good with just about any amp model. And as I said, it’s a pretty great approximation of a Leslie, as well as having a character of its own, depending on how you set it.