• Hey just got my spark and I was wondering if there is a way to connect it to my larger amp with cables

  • @blackwoodchris22: I do that with a small Johnson practice Amp that has an effects loop out/in.
    Guitar into the Johnson (clean), effects loop send out to the Spark. As you may know, the effects loop send/out comes from the Preamp where the guitar is plugged in. If I applied much distortion it went to the Spark and sometimes sounded like broken glass.
    Also, I get a different sound from the two amps. Cleaner from the Johnson, and whatever amp model I have set in the Spark. I just started playing around. Little chance of blowing anything up.
    I haven't tried running the headphone out back to the effects loop return, because I figured it will cut out the speakers on the Spark unless I cut into the guts and disable the speaker cutout on the headphone jack. Not sure.

  • @floraliner how do you get sound out of both amps at the same time?

  • @blackwoodchris22 I don't know, I just plugged my guitar into my Johnson, I think it's 20 watts. It has an effects loop out and in on the back. I ran a cable from the "out" to the guitar jack on my Spark.