Accidentally deleted a factory preset amp. Where can I re-download it?

  • For some reason there were two identical Marshall JCM 800s in either my Crunch or Hi-Gain genres (I can't remember which it was in). No matter which one of the two identical presets I would select, it would highlight them both, like they were both active at the same time. So I deleted one...which deleted them both! Now I can't figure out how to get it back. I even re-installed Bias, but it's still not there. It's also not an available amp on the ToneCloud within their FEATURED ==> PRESETS section.

    Anyone know the fix?

  • Factory reset under settings. When I've used it the amps in the custom folder have remained untouched but those in the other folders have returned to originals only (I think). So every customised amp not in the custom folder disappears.

  • I have uploaded all default amps to the Tonecloud a while ago. You can find them searching for "default" or the Präfix "v1.x"

  • @sascha-ballweg You the man! Thanks...

  • @swede said in Accidentally deleted a factory preset amp. Where can I re-download it?:

    @sascha-ballweg You the man! Thanks...

    Thank you! Took me 10 minutes and helped me out too, sometimes, because I am accidentely overwriting defaults, all the time.

  • @swede Nah nah nah, man, lol. You never have to reinstall BIAS in this situation. Just go to amp settings and find the "Factory Reset" button. Just hit that and it'll restore all your factory presets. It won't wipe out any "Custom" amps you may have built or downloaded (which is why I store EVERYTHING additional in the Custom bank - so in case I need to "reimport" the original factory amps, I can just "reset" it instead of "re-importing" them or reinstalling the whole thing. Hope this helps. Lemme know! Cheers!

  • @john YUP! You're exactly correct. (I wish I had seen this before I just typed it all out, lol). Nice work!