Spark DIY Anti-Hum Power Cord

  • here is a DIY solution for all Spark users, who are not using the USB port for recording to a PC, but looking for a nice and easy way to get the amp grounded for stand alone use.
    If Spark is connected to a PC the USB cable gets ground from the computer. The Spark power supply is completely isolated without ground - this causes excessive hum, if USB is disconnected.

    Take a 3-wire power cord, and connect L and N to the PSU´s 2-pin power socket. The ground cable should be connected only to the USB-sockets shielding - take care to solder just the shielding´s ground wire (which runs in parallel to the shielding braid) , as some shieldings braids cannot be soldered, caused in the material. Take care that all 4 leads in the USB cable are properely isolated.

    For stand-alone gounding, just use the USB-A to USB-B cable you reveiced with the Spark.

    See pic enclosed how this can look like......and have (nearly) noiseless fun which each type of guitar pickup.

    IMPORTANT! Ask a technician for building this cable, if you are not familiar with any electrical work.

    0_1598977464693_Spark Anti Hum Power Cord.jpg