Hiss and noise when playing any note.

  • Listen to a setting with the noise gate turned off, noisy right?

    Now turn the noise gate on, low threshold and long decay, quiet!

    But whenever I play a note the noise returns, back to silence when the note is muted.

    I have updated firmware.
    I have a new PS lead.
    I have adjusted the fu#k out of the settings.
    I have purchased a decent wireless system.
    I have factory reset the amp.
    I have turned every available electronic device and light off in the house.


    Any suggestions before I throw this amp under a truck?

    Many thanks in advance

  • @hamilton-mackenzie Submit a support ticket using the "contact support" link at the top of the page, listing what the problem is, listing all the steps you've taken to resolve the issue, and ask for a replacement amp. From postings here at this forum and also at the Spark Amp Owners Club at Facebook it seems that PG is good at replacing defective units.

  • Hi - you do know that it is a noise GATE, not a noise reducer, right?
    When you play, the gate opens...........

    It's probably just a combination of a lot of gain and possibly your pickups.

  • @jeffbabcock That’s interesting. But why then are my other amps free from this issue with the same guitar? Vox SS amp no issue at all, fender reverb pro and blues junior, normal tube like hum but bareable. Spark amp, hisses like a bitch.

  • I know exactly the noise you're talking about. When I hit a note, any note, there's a hissing/sizzling noise. It's not the humming noise related to the power supply since I've already gotten a new power supply and that seemed to fix the humming noise. Now it's just the hiss/sizzle...

  • @lbsubstylee19 And just as a follow up, I've tried plugging this amp into different sockets, different power adapters, different circuits and I've tried it with two different guitar cables, two different electric guitars and also a bass guitar. The hiss/sizzle remains...

  • @lbsubstylee19 How much do you have the Gain knob turned up? I've noticed that the higher the Gain knob is (either the one physically on the amp or the one on the amp model in the app) the more hiss there is. And I also notice that with other amplifiers as well, no matter what guitar I'm holding or how the connection is made.

  • Same problem here...noise when play strings

  • I will say the modeling in the Spark captures a lot of the hiss of a tube amp. I’m not sure why. My Vox and Fender modeler amps don’t hiss this much.

  • @valascia so, are you saying that it's a spark "feature"¿

  • One could argue it lends a bit of authenticity. I wouldn’t.

  • @dhbailey I was primarily using the "preset 1" clean setting, so whatever the gain is on that. I get the hiss/sizzle with every present and every other tone as well. I've contacted Positive Grid and sent a video demonstrating the hiss/sizzle. I'll report back what, if anything, comes of it. Thanks.

  • @lbsubstylee19 thanks...

    I want ti know what they Say. I have sane problem

  • @valascia said in Hiss and noise when playing any note.:

    I will say the modeling in the Spark captures a lot of the hiss of a tube amp. I’m not sure why. My Vox and Fender modeler amps don’t hiss this much.

    Exactly. It is worse on some amp models, and higher gain settings. Most tube amps have the same issue. When gain is raised it over amplifies any noise in the circuit. Could PG remove this from their models? Yes.

  • @cybermgk they can to add an amp without this noise?so, are you saying everybody have this problem?

  • @coloxim it's not really a problem. Tube amps hiss, the more gain in the circuit the louder the hiss. In terms of authenticity I expect it to be there. The real question is, does it have to be?

  • @valascia Oh come on! The models on the Spark hiss much more than actual valve amps do... It's anything BUT authentic.

  • Honestly I dont like this noise

  • Just as a follow-up:

    I originally had the hum/buzz issue. I filed a claim with PG, sent them a video demonstrating it, and was eventually sent a 3 prong power supply. This fixed the hum/buzz issue, but then I noticed the more insidious hiss/sizzle noise. I get it with every present I use, and it's worth with higher gain but still there with EVERY amp. I once again filed a claim with PG, sent them a video demonstrating the issue, and they first said they will once again send me a 3 prong power supply. I told them I've already received one and that fixed the hum/buzz, but the hiss/sizzle is a new issue. Now I've been told by PG they are planning on sending me a new amp altogether. That's where I'm at. I wouldn't say the amp is unusable, but it's still frustrating to hear a hissing noise with every plucked note and strummed chord on every single amp. Especially when I'm recording and monitoring through my headphones= very annoying.

  • @lbsubstylee19 I'd keep that power supply to use with the next Amp.