Auto Chords?

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    I'm just learning but aren't the chord shapes for F G and C different?

  • Lol, yeah. First time I've seen that. I find the auto chord feature pretty useless. The pre-made play along songs are good to practice with but searching for something hasn't gotten me anything that I could really go by. The best I've seen is a few chords that are spaced way out with a lot of gaps, missing chords and just seemingly random things showing up. Hopefully they will improve that over time. Great idea but the execution is somewhat lacking for the things I've search on.

  • @cbrandst audio recognition has a long way to go before it will be able accurately to analyze complex groups of sounds such as music groups. It's alright for a single instrument playing simple things. Things that human brains know not to dwell on such as passing dissonances or the neat sound of the keyboard playing one group of notes while the guitar plays a somewhat different group, all while the bass player is ignoring the chords and simply playing a walking bass line that fits with the key of the song all are scrutinized by the audio recognition software so incorrect chords are recognized.

    Now, trying to explain why the Spark app shows the same fingering for both the C and the G chords is a bug which should be easy for the programmers to fix. If the program says it should be a C chord or a G chord (right or wrong from the original recording) the app should at least be able to display the proper simple chord fingering!

  • yeah the AI has a long ways to go. But I find the feature still useful - from my 2-week experience it seems pretty good at least at identifying the fundamental, at least for the rock/blues I mostly play. And usually there;’s a quiet part in the song where the rhythm gutar or keys are more up-front, and it usually gets the flavor of the chords mostly right at that point- minor, 5, 7 etc. So that (and my ears - its good practice!) is usually enough for me to get in the ballpark and fill in the gaps. Beats Googling the song for the key and chords!

  • Yeah, it probably depends a lot of the complexity of the song. I probably need to revisit that feature and do more searching to see what I can come up with. I'm glad they included it and I can only imagine it will get better. I'm continually amazed at what cloud based AI can do.