DAW guidance for recording/playback with Spark 40/

  • Hi PG.

    I’m struggling to record and get playback through my monitors... it looks like I’m not the only one having issues.

    Can you create a PDF walkthrough for the major DAW’s on how to record with the Spark. Seems a bit of a shame as this was a major feature for me.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Wondering the same thing. Today I DL'd the ASIO spark driver and updated the firmware (fingers were crossed, no brick was made). After that I fired up Reaper and was able to select the spark as a source.

    I was getting some weird doubling out of the spark and turned down the tiny music knob to fix.

    Recorded a few bars clean and found a bit of clipping. Not sure if I need to reduce input gain in DAW or if the output knob in spark will fix. Still exploring.

    Reaper played back through the Spark and the only way I could get it back through the reference monitors was to change the ASIO source back to my focusrite interface, even though both were connected by USB.
    This adds a manual step in the process, but I think it's more a Reaper/DAW issue than a Spark one. I imagine if one did not have and interface with monitors, the Spark would be (just) OK as an all in one interface/playback system. It would be better than any laptop speakers, but is very bass heavy compared to my reference monitors.

    I guess the real question for me is, can Reaper support two discrete ASIO interfaces, one for in and one for out, so I can record the spark and monitor/playback through the focusrite? Sounds like a question for the Reaper forum. If/when I figure this out, I'll be sure to come back with a how-to.

    Happy Sparking!

  • @gdoc said in DAW guidance for recording/playback with Spark 40/:

    Recorded a few bars clean and found a bit of clipping. Not sure if I need to reduce input gain in DAW or if the output knob in spark will fix. Still exploring.

    The Output knob on the Spark only affects the Spark's local speaker/headphone level, not the USB connection. The only volume-related knob that affects the level into the DAW is the "Master" knob, since it is part of the virtual amp mod (the preset level). Although that usually isn't too high on any of the Spark's preset. So, it's probably either that the ASIO driver's buffer sample size is set too low (which will cause static/popping/clicking sounds), or as you said, Reaper's input level is too high.

  • @bob-martin1964 They seem to only have a very basic howto for Studio One, probably because a Studio One Prime license comes with the Spark (although anyone can actually download Prime). It's only for Studio One, but I suppose some basic concepts still apply to others:

  • Other than toggling between ASIO in/outs as mentioned above, there is another way to get playback in your monitors. Grab a 1/4 to 1/8 adapter and use the headphone out as input to your interface. I've been playing around with this and its working for my setup. You might need to tweak a bit to get your signal clean (gain, buffer, etc). Still need to A/B test this vs usb to properly talk about quality though.

    Not sure if there is a usb to 1/4 adapter, but pretty sure it would be more expensive than the phone jack solution.

    YMMV, but get creative.