But what about this terrible Noisgate...?

  • I like the Spark very much. Best practice Amp ever (and even more). But what about this terrible noisgate? This one is absolute useless wit low gain sounds. It cuts heavily, if you turn down volume slightly or play smooth. No chance to use it precisely. Please, please give ua a second one, for those, who don' want to play higain metal.

  • @transmedia You need to submit this request as a feature request by using the Contact Support link at the top of this page. Many of us have already asked for a better noisegate, but the more people who make an official request the more likely PG is to implement the feature/improvement.

  • Have you tried adjusting the settings on the noise gate? I turn the gate down as low as possible and I don't have any issues. Since adding a grounded power supply I can even turn the noise gate off.