Can't record via Spark USB

  • Hi all.

    I've been trying to record my guitar through the Spark USB interface into Cubase 10.5. I've been using Cubase for a long time and can't work this out. Positive Grid drivers are installed fine as far as i can see. I've even tried Asio for all. Have tried just about everything i know and not getting a signal into Cubase.

    Other than asking PG for a refund is there anything else i can try?


  • I had the same problem with my Cubase 9.5. I managed to record but i'm having problems with playback. I keep getting pops and a static on my recordings.

    To get mine to recorded I just added an audio track.

  • @joey-steed pops and static may well be due to a wrong size audio buffer. Try making it just a bit larger and see if that helps the pops and static.

    Regarding getting any sound at all into Cubase, make sure you've got the track armed, make sure you've selected the proper input. Other than that, if there's no sound getting into Cubase you should submit a support ticket using the Contact Support link at the top of this page.

  • @dhbailey Thank you, but I had already resolved the problem. And yes, I did have to adjust the buffer size but when I made it larger, the pops and static got worse! I actually had to adjust mine to a lower setting. See the pic below. I had to set it at 16 samples. Works like a champ now!

    0_1600161421959_2c0d11a6-4ed3-4267-8162-ea756046e338-image.png image url)

  • @bob-martin1964 Did you ever resolve this problem?

  • @joey-steed Thanks Joey, yes. I can record with the Spark in Cubase now. Disappointed i can't monitor through my M-Audio unit & speakers though.

  • @bob-martin1964

    For a DAW, I use both MOTU Performer Lite and Ableton Live Lite, and while the latter has separate input/output device settings, the former does not. However, using ASIO4ALL obviates this, allowing for more fine-tuned audio routing. I see in your original post that you tried ASIO4ALL -- was that just for the original recording problem or did you try it with the monitoring issue as well?

    Basically, what I do is set ASIO4ALL as the device within the DAW, and then within ASIO4ALL, route audio input/output as needed. For instance, if I want to 1) use the Spark as input amp/effects, 2) record it on the computer, and 3) monitor as output via MOTU M2 audio device speakers and headphones, then inside the ASIO4ALL config, I do this:

    • For Spark: enable the input, and disable the output.
    • For MOTU M2: disable the input, and enable the output.

    Here's a screenshot of my ASIO4ALL config window used with MOTU Performer Lite, in which in the left pane, I've enabled/disabled the audio routes mentioned above (ignore the MOTU's "Loopback" stuff, which is irrelevant here). The main thing to watch-out for with ASIO4ALL is to not have any redundant input or output routes enabled, otherwise no routes will work on any interface (at least on my system).
    0_1600725185363_2020-09-21 (2).png

  • @blueingreen Thanks...I'll give this a try !

  • @dhbailey Hi, I've been having problems with Cubase and Spark too. Although I've managed to get signal in and out, when I record the tone is horrible - it sounds almost flat, like it's dropping in and out of tune the whole time. I'm wondering if this might be down to the sample rate you mention here?

    I'm fairly new to Cubase though, so can you tell me where you go to in the menus to adjust the sample rate? Also any other ideas why the toner might sound so awful? Thanks - I don't find Cubase intuitive at all!