Bluetooth midi pedal connection for Spark?

  • Is there any way to connect a bluetooth midi pedal ( e.g. iRig Blueboard) to the Spark Amp or Spark Amp app to change amp or effect settings? If this connectivity is currently not available, is it planned for a future firmware release by Positive Grid? thank you.

  • @cuz Not possible right now. You should submit a feature request through the "Contact Support" link at the top of this page, asking for it. I've asked for it and I'm sure others have also. But the more people who ask for something the more likely it is to be included if at all possible.

    As to whether it is planned for the future, PG (and most companies) are notoriously close-mouthed about such things for two reasons -- they don't want to give the end-users false hopes about something which eventually proves impossible to do, and they also don't want to tip off the competition about what they might be planning so the competition doesn't beat them to it. So we just have to wait and see.

  • Thanks dhb for jumping on the pedal train with me. I'll definitely log a feature request through "Contact Support" and hopefully many more Spark users will do the same. Fingers crossed!

  • Spark team should post the Bluetooth MIDI coding messages, just to let anyone to program an arduino, for example (VOX did this with the ADIO Air GT)

    It could be interesting for us to develop something in the community.

  • Officially, nothing from pg yet. Unofficially, yes it's possible as there's at least one guy out there dabbling with home programming kits that has decoded some of the bluetooth communications and shown channel switching up and running.
    If pg don't offer something in the future, a 3rd party almost certainly will.

  • @holdendp
    This amp teardown page includes a link to the facebook group where the bluetooth mod is being worked on.