BIAS FX 2 doesn't recognize external input

  • I'm using BIAS FX 2 on my iPad Mini with an XSonic Xtone. The app keeps telling me to "Please connect with iOS audio interface". I have the Xtone connected. In fact, BIAS FX (the original version) and Garage Band both work just fine. However, BIAS FX 2 does not recognize the input. I've tried both apps (BIAS FX and BIAS FX 2) on my iPhone Xs Max and they both work just fine.

    Any ideas? Seems like it should "just work", since it "just works" in BIAS FX and all of the apps work on my iPhone.


  • I solved this problem by uninstalling the app then reinstalling it. Unfortunately, I kept getting a message saying I had to buy the Standard Pack every time I enabled MIDI control, so I bought that for no reason.

    The app really needs a lot of work in terms of usability.