Tuner completely wrong

  • So I used the tuner on the Spark, it is HUGELY wrong. I press long on TAP, tune to the light is green, but I can hear it is wrong, like not a little, but hugely out. I've done a factory reset, updated firmware (I think I did, the updater said it was ok). I can't be the only one, right?!

  • Ok, so used a separate tuner. My low E had tuned to F, and my A had tuned to G :-/

  • Without any indication of what note you're tuning to I don't see how the built in tuner will be worth much. Pretty much every other tuner I've used tells you the note you're tuning to.

  • @travismharris

    I don't suppose it could be their way of teaching "ear training " could it ;)

    Always wondered about that, i just far back on my Roadie...

  • Tried it once, not impressed so I use my clip on.

  • I find similar things with other pedals I have with built in tuners. Some are an entire note off vs others. So I just use the same clip on with all my guitars, so that even if they are off vs an actual correct pitch, at least they are tuned to each other.

  • @travismharris I agree at the very least it should have a readout of the note, ive had modeling amps that had that decades ago so with all the other high tech stuff it has its strange this was over looked. I got a zillion tuners tho but that just means an extra step before playing on it.

  • I've been asking for an on-screen tuner in the app ever since I got mine. Tuner's gonna tune. If you feed it a F#, it's gonna tune you to F, or G. It would absolutely be a great thing to actually see the struck note in order to be able to get to pitch without using an outboard tuner, or somebody else's app.

  • @josephsbrown3 totally agree that tuner is waaaay off.
    I use my iPhone guitar Tuna app and it so much better which is surprising as one would think getting the electrical signal vs a mic would be more accurate.

  • @hammer1 Interesting, I have used the spark tuner alongside the guitar tuna app to check and they were pretty much the same

  • me too, I checked my tuning on the spark and later on another unit, didn't have to change anything,it was spot on.
    I guess the best way to check, is to get an A 440hz audio tuning signal, tuning fork or whistle and play it through the guitar input of the spark.